Below is a collection of testimonials from our clients.

Just a note to say ‘thank you’ for the sport massages on my injured achilles. I did the marathon in 5:42:17 – not bad for a first attempt, given the injury, my shoddy training and how darned hot it was! I did the first half in 2:33:00 Of course, I now want to run another and improve on that time and if I do, no doubt you’ll see more of me!



Hi Angela
I come to you because you keep my body in good repair and this helps prevent muscle pain and injury and means I can keep fencing at international level. If I get an injury you can normally sort it out. This is much quicker than seeing a doctor and does not interrupt my training so much. If you think I need to see a doctor you will advise this.

Having had migraine headaches at least monthly for 40 years the final piece in the jigsaw was the work you did on my back and neck and now I never get one.

I won a category 3 Bronze in the European Veterans Fencing Championships in 2011 and in the 2010 and 2011 Veterans World Championships.



Big thank you for fitting me in for facial this Sat. I was horrified to find some blackheads! But got a fab treatment and with the usual honestly told exactly what to do and what not to do. My skin feels absolutely wonderful and looks glowing. And I didn’t have to lay there for ages to get that result!



Doing as lot of manual work and DIY i am constantly pulling muscles and my shoulders seem to take the brunt of most of it. Angela has been the only person able to keep me going, her sports massages bring tears to my eyes but she always manages to fix me up!



Hi, I came to you for Wrinkle Reduction for the first time mid-April , and was really pleased with the results.



Over a period of three month I had severe pains in my right leg. These pains where similar to a cramp and reduced my mobility and impacted on most aspects of my life.

Attempts to cure the problem included seeing :-

Two doctors, who prescribed pain killers, organized blood tests but were unable to diagnose the cause of the problem and arranged for me to see a specialist at the hospital

Two treatments by an osteopath

One treatment by a biochemical rehabilitation specialist

None of the above moved me any closer to removing the problem.

The hospital specialist appointment was right weeks away.

I was recommended to visit Angela Tunstall at Renaissance. My expectations were pretty low. The problem was getting worse and I went because doing something was better than doing nothing.

Angela asked me a number of questions about the problem. She made no promises, offered no guarantees of a cure and said that I would need at least two treatments and warned me that the treatment would be painful. It was.

After the first treatment I felt immediate relief but told no one. Day two came and there was a definite improvement. Day three, four, five , six smaller improvements took place each day.

For example putting on socks and shoes became easier and not a lengthy and painful exercise. Sitting to eat a meal without having to stand and walk to relieve the pain became possible. At the end of the first week I was 80 per cent back to normal. Two Further treatment and bingo- problem solved.

The old phrase “ the impossible we do every day, miracles take a little longer” sums up Angela’s Achievement.



Dear Angela

I would just like to say thank you for my course of collagen light therapy and to let you know in writing that I am now a total convert!

As you know at first I was quite sceptical and quite honestly thought it too good to be true that a lamp could improve my appearance. Now I have to say the lamp has not only improved my wrinkles and blemishes but I also feel marvellous.

During the first three to four sessions did not notice any difference to my face or neck, however I did notice even after the first session, how much better in general I felt and I appeared to have more energy. My sleep pattern also improved, particularly on the nights when I had had a session with the lamp. I have since learnt that the lamp can be used to treat SAD disorder and as my treatment commenced in February, I can most definitely say that this worked and even though I have never been diagnosed with SAD disorder, in the future I shall definitely be using this treatment in Winter as quite simply I felt a million times better!

After about the fifth session people began to comment on my appearance, saying how well I looked. I was still sceptical. By the seventh session I had to admit that my skin looked much better – plumper and generally healthy and this continued to improve up to the tenth and final session.

So my general well being is good and my wrinkles have improved – what more could a girl want?