The sweetest way to get rid of overgrown hair, sugaring can be used to remove hair from all over the body, but is especially effective for those hard-to-reach or more susceptible areas where hair is fine and skin is sensitive. Although comparable to waxing because of its distinctive technique, sugaring is a more natural way to whip out wayward hairs as the sugar paste contains no chemicals or resins, but will still leave you feeling silky soft and smooth.

Unlike hot wax, the sugar paste doesn’t stick to your skin, but clings to each hair individually. This means that when the hair is pulled from the root, it doesn’t bruise the skin and is often considered less painful than waxing. Also, because the sugaring paste is only slightly warm, there is less chance of skin irritation and redness, plus the paste is totally soluble in water, which means any sugary stickiness can easily be removed with soap and water.

Depending on how fast your hair re-sprouts, results can last up to three weeks and with time, hair should become finer and softer. There might be some initial redness and bumps immediately afterwards, but these should subside after an hour or two and can be minimised by applying cold flannels to the skin.

Eyebrow: £8.00

Lip: £7.00

Chin: £7.00

Bikini: from £12.00

Brazillian: from £15.00

Hollywood: from £20.00 – £25.00

Half Leg: from £16.00

Full Leg: from £25.00
Prices depend on time, size of area and product used

Under Arm: £12.00

Forearms: £12.00