Wrinkle Reduction

Cosmetically relaxing lines


Fight your signs of ageing… without the need for cosmetic surgery

Wrinkle relaxing

This treatment is designed for the relaxation, softening and reduction of frown lines, laughter lines, crows feet and lines on the forehead. It is a quick procedure, usually showing results in a matter of days, which still allows the face to show natural expression.
Smoothing lines and folds
For instant smoothing of lines and folds, this treatment is safe and effective as it uses a substance that occurs naturally in the body. Fine lines are reduced, deeper lines lifted, volume is added to the skin and a younger you is restored.

Angela Tunstall – Aesthetician

All treatments are preceded by a no obligation consultation to ensure you receive the right treatment solution for you.

LineSynergy treatments are administered by Angela Tunstall who is a fully qualified aesthetician and skin specialist. She has a successful salon in Harrogate, Doncaster and a clinic in St Lucia.

1 area of Wrinkle Reduction £185.00
2 area of Wrinkle Reduction £220.00
3 area of Wrinkle Reduction £250.00

There maybe a charge for an adjustment after 14 days.



Background information

Botulinum toxin therapy for facial wrinkles and lines is an injection treatment to
reduce facial expression lines. Botulinum toxin has been used for many years
and is licensed for treatment of spasticity, and various facial tics and spasms. It
is being increasingly used in medicine for treatment for tension headaches,
migraine, and whiplash injuries to the neck, and is now licensed for the
treatment of excessive axillary sweating, hyperhidrosis.

Botulinum toxin is not currently licensed in the UK for aesthetic treatments, but
has been used widely since the early 1970’s for this purpose, and is generally a
very safe treatment. Skin ageing is associated with the development of lines on
the face and is caused by the action of muscles on the skin, and can
exacerbated by sun-damage and smoking. Botulinum toxin relaxes specific facial
muscles that cause unwanted lines, for example, the deep creases between the
eyes, crows feet and forehead lines.

How does Botulinum Toxin work?
By inhibiting the release acetylcholine, Botulinum Toxin prevents nerve impulses
arriving at the muscle to cause contraction. The muscle is therefore temporarily
paralysed, but this effect is completely reversible in time, and the muscle itself is
not damaged.

Botox has been commonly used in many medical procedures, but is also used to smooth out lines and give a more youthful, less stressed look.

IMPORTANT INFORMATION – Botox treats the muscle, NOT the skin.

How is the treatment administered?
A number of injections will be required, and these generally cause only
temporary discomfort. The effect will develop gradually over a period of 3-5 days,
and will generally be maximal at about 2 weeks, depending on various factors,
including the initial magnitude of the lines, the size of the underlying muscles,
and the amount of botulinum toxin used. The effect will last between 2-7 months,
the average being 4-5 months.

Are there any risks?
Side effects of this treatment are rare and usually mild, and in one study, less
than 3% of patients experienced a problem. However you need to be aware of
the following:

Immediately after treatment, there will be some mild swelling and redness, and
this usually settles within a few hours, as with any injection therapy, there is
always a risk of infection, but this is very uncommon.

Bruising at the injection site may occur, and can be exacerbated by Warfarin and
Aspirin treatment. Occasionally a temporary drooping of the eye lid or eye brow
or double vision may occur, but this usually resolves in a few weeks.

An eyebrow lift may occur, but can be corrected by a small additional injection of
botulinum toxin. The relaxation of the forehead muscles may rarely increase the
risk of sleep line development, but this may be resolved by treatment with a
dermal filler. Some experience a mild headache but tension headaches are
usually improved. Rarely a transient numbness may occur in the treated area,
and extremely rare side effect is generalized weakness and fatigue. If you are
prone to cold sores, treatment may precipitate an eruption. For reasons that are
not understood, some patients may be resistant to the effects of botulinum toxin,
and these, treatment may not be as effective or as long lasting.

Special precautions
You should not undergo treatment if you are pregnant or breast feeding.
There are certain neurological conditions which can be made worse by treatment
and the use of certain medications may not be appropriate with botulinum toxin.
These will be covered in the medical questionnaire.

Alternative treatments
There are alternative treatments for lines and wrinkles other than botulinum toxin, and these include dermal fillers, chemical peels, laser treatments, surgical treatments or indeed no treatment at all.


Botox/wrinkle injection is a naturally occurring protein derived from the bacterium clostridum botulinum.


Do not drink excessive alcohol, take vigorous exercise, eat hot or spicy food.

Do not lean the head forward for the first four hours after treatment.

Keep the injection area clean and clear of hair for the first six hours after treatment.
Exercise the treated area hourly for two days by making expressions such as
frowning & raising eyebrows. DO NOT MASSAGE

Try to sleep on your back for the first day after treatment. Avoid sleeping on your face.
Bruising can be associated with any injection sight. If bruising occurs
Arnica cream is recommended. (Please follow the directions given with
any product carefully)

When cleansing the face use very gentle movements on the treated area. Up
and away from the eyes.


This can move the Botulinum Toxin to other muscles, which may cause
unwanted weakness such as eyebrow droop.

Although it is a rare occurrence, if you believe you may be developing an
infection in the treated area, it is essential you seek medical attention at the
earliest opportunity, as the consequences of a progressive infection might be

Should a minor adjustment be required you shall need to book a review
appointment no less than 2 weeks and no more than 3 weeks after the initial

On rare occasions the Botulinum Toxin may not be effective.
This is due to each individuals genetic make-up, lifestyle, health and strength of
muscle this is not a reflection of the skill of the practitioner. If there is no
difference in appearance by 2 weeks this treatment may not be suitable for you.

Contact your aesthetic practitioner if you have any further queries.

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