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angela_300Renaissance Harrogate
has been running from the heart of Harrogate for over seventeen years. It is owned and run by Angela Tunstall, who became a qualified sports/work related injury therapist after finding it difficult to get a good treatment for her own sports injuries. A fitness class instructor and personal trainer, Angela has always maintained an active, healthy lifestyle and knows the importance of massaging out those nagging injuries before they become more serious or prolong recovery.

Angela’s clients now include MPs, racing drivers, power lifters, barristers, athletes and even a competitor from the World’s Strongest Man, but also anyone involved in local sports, keep-fit enthusiasts, and those with injuries obtained through their work. In addition, Angela has successfully improved the quality of life and mobility for many elderly people who had almost given up on finding a solution to their problems. The treatments are individually tailored to each client based entirely on their needs.

Treatments offered include:

• Sports injury massage
• Beauty
• Cosmetics
• Male grooming
• Wedding make-up style
• Injury Prevention

Now that companies are more aware of the injuries that their staff can acquire in the workplace, Angela has expanded her experience into working with organisations to help look after the well being of their employees. It is far more cost-effective for a commercial enterprise to have its staff in work and injury free than to lose man-hours from bad backs, repetitive strain injuries and lifting & handling injuries. Angela has discovered this type of preventative work with organisations is actually proving to be great for company morale.
St Lucia
Angela has worked in the fitness industry for the last 25 years and for the last 15 years in lecturing and treating sporting injuries and work related RSI problems.

She was invited over to St Lucia to The BodyHoliday Le Sport complex to help, advise and put in place a sport/injury massage international course.

Angela is a recognised aesthetician within the beauty industry and is currently developing techniques using injectables such as Hyaluronic acid gel fillers to help people with scars from accidents, especially on the face, as well as skilfully administrating Botulinum toxin and Dermal fillers to sculpt faces in the most natural and youthful way.
She has recently taken her business overseas to St Lucia, Germany and Spain where she has successfully performed many procedures within the medical, health and beauty industry.

Beauty, Make-up and Cosmetic Treatments

On the beauty treatment side of the business, Angela can also claim a lot of experience. An ex-model herself, she is an expert make-up artist and has been involved in many fashion shows in this capacity. However, men also consult Angela when they need to look their best. Her client list includes Ming Campbell (the Rt Hon Sir Menzies Campbell, CBE QC MP) who was about to undertake the most important speech of his life, his first as the leader of the UK Liberal Democrats.

Treatments offered include:

• Facials
• Massage
• Tanning
• Sugaring
• Waxing
• Electrolysis
• Manicure
• Pedicure
• Wrinkle Reduction
• Dermal Fillers

Angela has lectured for over 10 years on Body Massage, Anatomy, Physiology and Remedial Massage at three colleges in the West Yorkshire area. She has also used her skills and experience to help two local charities: a leprosy charity where she was involved in talks to school children helping them to understand movement through dance; and secondly a charity for abused women where she provided women with make-up and grooming tips to encourage well being and self-esteem when rebuilding their lives.

Angela is an instructor for several fitness classes in her local area. Her classes range from high-energy aerobics and Pilates style control classes to challenging circuit training. Angela also has several clients for whom she acts as a personal training. In this capacity she has trained people to achieve specific goals such as weight loss or fitness requirements.

“At Renaissance we offer something a little different, top quality treatments at really realistic prices. Most of our clients are referred by word of mouth so how could I ask for a better advertisement for the effectiveness of our treatments.”

Angela Tunstall